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07/26/2012 Groen Brothers Aviation Announces Major Agreement to Establish Aviation Industrial Park in China
07/26/2012 Groen Brothers Aviation Announces Joint Venture Agreement to Establish Gyroplane Manufacturing in China
05/22/2012 Groen Brothers Aviation Announces Definitive Agreement to Restructure Company
05/02/2012 Groen Brothers Aviation Reaches Agreement to Restructure Company
01/15/2011 Groen Brothers Aviation Enters Cooperative Joint Venture Agreement for Production in China of Light Gyroplanes
11/15/2010 Groen Brothers Aviation Introduces ArrowHawk Gyroplane at Air Show China in Zhuhai
05/30/2008 Groen Brothers Aviation Announces Retrenchment
02/21/2008 SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Added to FAA list of Eligible Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits
01/22/2008 Groen Brothers Aviationís American Autogyro Announces Sparrowhawk III Quick Build Gyroplane
11/15/2007 Groen Brothers Aviation Selected as one of Utah’s Top High Tech Companies
01/25/2007 Groen Brothers Aviation Vice President of Flight Operations Receives Designated Pilot Examiner of the Year Award
12/14/2006 Groen Brothers Aviation and the Government of Aragon Spain Sign Memorandum to Form Joint Venture
10/19/2006 Groen Brothers Aviation Elects David Groen as Chairman of the Board
10/12/2006 Groen Brothers Aviation Regretfully Announces the Passing of Chairman Jay Groen
9/14/2006 Groen Brothers Aviation's American Autogyro Signs Sparrowhawk Dealer in Philippines
8/17/2006 Groen Brothers Aviation Team Successfully Achieves Third Milestone of its Darpa Contract to Design Next Generation High Speed Rotorcraft
11/07/2005 Groen Brothers Aviation Selected by U. S. Department of Defense (DARPA) to Design Next Generation Rotorcraft for Combat Search and Rescue
10/06/2005 Mr. Rob Dubin Receives Groen Brothers Aviation "Pioneers of Vertical Flight" Award
09/22/2005 Groen Brothers Aviation Sparrowhawk Gyroplane Sales Reach Milestone
07/14/2005 Groen Brothers Aviation joins the Georgia Institute of Technology Team in a Joint Heavy Lift Proposal (JHL) for the US Army
04/21/2005 Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. Grants Six Month Funding Window to Chinese Investment Group
10/27/2004 Groen Brothers Aviation, INC. Merges Subsidiaries
09/23/2004 Russian Skies Herald First International Flight of Groen Brothers Aviation's Sparrowhawk Gyroplane
02/25/2004 Groen Brothers Aviation Announces the First Flight of it's American Autogyro INC, Subsidiary's Sparrowhawk Gyroplane
01/27/2004 Groen Brothers Aviation's American Autogyro inc. Signs Sparrowhawk Dealer in Russia
01/22/2004 Groen Brothers Aviation Appoints Dennis Gauger as Chief Financial Officer and Member of Board of Directors
08/12/2003 Groen Brothers Aviation's Subsidiary, American Autogyro Inc., Recognized for its Contributions to Aviation Excellence

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