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Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. is a fully reporting public company which is traded on the OTC Market Group Inc. (Trading Symbol "GNBA"). Groen Brothers has been publicly traded since 1990. The company plans to be listed on the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation) market or the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). However, until the company meets listing requirements, purchase of GNBA shares must be made according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules for unlisted small capital stocks. Stocks that are not listed on NASDAQ or with a regional exchange, and that trade for less than five dollars per share, have been defined by the SEC as "Penny Stocks." A "Penny Stock" must be specifically requested from a stock broker, who prior to the initial purchase, will provide a form for the buyer to sign in accordance with SEC rules. The form insures that the investor acknowledge that he/she is aware that buying a small capital stock is a risk. Small capital stocks that become listed on the NASDAQ or with an exchange such as the American Stock Exchange, no longer carry the official designation of "Penny Stock" no matter what the price is per share. Many successful companies have made the transition out of this low price category as they have increased in value, have increased their shareholder base, and have met the reporting and listing requirements. Even so, though a company may achieve a listing, it is still wise for the investor to find out as much about a company as is possible.

Groen Brothers Aviation, through its web site, is enabling current shareholders and prospective investors to be better informed about the Company's plans and progress. If you are interested in buying GNBA you can call any broker, who through the computer system can easily find the market makers for GNBA. If your broker tells you that he or she cannot find GNBA, or that GNBA is not available, then you may send an email message to Groen Brothers Aviation and we will give you the names and toll free numbers of small, major, or discount brokerage houses who DO know how to buy GNBA.

If you buy GNBA stock, at the time of purchase, be sure to tell the broker that you want your GNBA stock certificate delivered to you, or into your account, with your name on the certificate. If the GNBA stock certificate is not transferred into your name, Groen Brothers Aviation will not have an official record of you as a shareholder and will be unable to send news updates or official notices to you personally. To date, the Company has more than 1100 shareholders of record including US and foreign, but because of the stock brokerage companies' practice of holding public stock certificates in their own name, the actual number of individual GNBA shareholders could easily be more than double the number of record.