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The ShadowHawk Gyroplane
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The ShadowHawk - Aerial Observation

GBA’s field tested Hawk 4 Gyroplane flew dozens of security missions for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.  Its’ extremely high operational readiness, reliability, and low maintenance demonstrated the superiority of the gyroplane – perfect for the job at hand.  GBA’s next generation of high performance gyroplanes, such as the new 2 place ShadowHawk, are capable of doing an even better job, offering greater cost effectiveness in airborne observation for police and for utility infrastructure inspection, such as pipeline and power lines, where safe, close to the ground, and slow speed flight is essential.

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In the budget crisis facing law enforcement and Government agencies, the extraordinary low cost of operation and resultant savings could instead support an increase in aerial patrol forces while still permitting necessary budget reductions.  Moreover, municipalities where an airborne force was impossible will now be able to afford such a program.  The ShadowHawk can revive the extremely valuable, but highly threatened advantages of aerial patrol.

Our design refinement work is ongoing. The numbers below are provisional and likely to change based upon performance requirements of the demands of the market segment to which this aircraft is most suited.
  • Passenger Transport - 1 pilot + 1 observer or 2 pilots
  • Cargo Carrying Volume - 1 pilot + 1.31 cu m (46.37 cubic feet)
  • Baggage Compartment Volume - 0,41 cu m (14.41 cu ft)
  • Empty Weight – 421 kg (930 lb) to 454 kg (1,000 lb)
  • Useful load - 485 kg (1070 lb) or 454 kg (1,000 lb)
  • Maximum take-off weight - 907 kg (2,000 lb)
  • Maximum operational weight, fixed mounted external load (FLIR etc)- 907 kg (2,000 lb)
  • Max. Speed, VNE - 255km/h (137 kts)
  • Standard Cruise Speed - 222km/hr (120 kts)
  • Dash Speed – 236 km/h (127 kts)
  • Rate of Climb - 7,62 m/sec. 457 m/min. (1,500 ft/min.)
  • Jump take-off, no ground roll, MGW, Density Altitude - 3,500 m (11,483 ft)
  • Take-off ultra-short ground roll, MGW, Density Altitude - 4,500 m (14,764 ft)
  • Service Ceiling (ISA) - 4,893 m (16,000 ft)
  • Range at standard cruise (no fuel reserve) - 932 km (504 n.m.)
  • Endurance at standard cruise speed (no reserve) - 4.2 hours
  • Max Endurance, economy cruise speed (no reserve) - 6 hours